Florida is a very attractive state to invest in real estate as much as in businesses. Not only does Florida have beautiful year-round weather for a healthy outdoor lifestyle but also ranks high in business regulation, workforce flexibility and overall quality of life. We invite international buyers and investors discover and purchase the best deals in Florida regarding real estate, businesses and relocation services. We are dedicated and committed to provide the best service to international entrepreneurs from free consultancy to complete case management.

The ideal conditions for your investments

We help to find the best Florida Business for purchase or establish a new one for our international clients. Florida International Chamber of Commerce and our company provide representation of foreign companies or entrepreneurs, products or brands through our business relationships.

We create your Bridge to Florida

Through your business we manage the complete immigration procedure. We are specialized to support you in obtaining the following visa types: E-2, E-1, L-1, EB-5, H-1B and O visas. Furthermore we provide relocation services under the integration period into the Florida lifestyle.

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We provide the best combination of high Return on Investment, low maintenance fees and quality property management. Our experienced professionals take care of your best interest and continuous support. You can enjoy the profit and the emerging value of your investment without worries.

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Nothing gives you greater comfort than knowing you are in safe hands.

Bridge to Florida – it is the main mission of our company. This means opening gates to the USA as well as offering the best place for businesses and great lifestyle in the Sunshine State. Florida International Realty Gulf Coast, Florida International Group and its affiliated companies as group of experts provides full services and supports for international partners with investment purposes. We also help them on the way of immigration and relocation through relevant visas.

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Working closely together

Our European and American experts are committed to serve you. As our professionals are from Eastern Europe as much as originally from the United States we are available in more languages.

Best service & results

Our group of experts has helped hundreds of foreigners through buying a property or establishing a business in Florida. Based on our experience and knowledge we provide the best and safest services to our partners.

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Our partners rely on us to solve their problems in business, as well as in private life. Upon their request we can provide assistance, adequate solutions, support or supervision, even if they are currently located in the State of origin.

Fit all demands

Our virtue is proven by the Florida International Chamber of Commerce. They are continuously monitoring our activities, providing control and giving guarantees to our international partners.


Large market, favorable tax climate and business-friendly legislature ensure the success of your business. Florida has wonderful and unforgettable places to visit waiting for you. Affordable costs of living and work-life balance allow you to enjoy it all.



Sarasota Florida has been voted number one place to retire and operate a business and second largest foregin trade zone network in USA.



Your life in Florida can be like an extended holiday. Great beaches, theme parks and international restaurants can provide year-round recreation.

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Florida is not only one of the top tourist’s market worldwide, but the 3rd investment and business market in the USA. The 19th largest economy in the World.

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Bridge to Florida

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Nothing is more important for us than our partners’ satisfaction. Their testimonials show our trustworthiness, honesty and loyalty.
We are happy to build your Bridge to Florida.


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Why think globally in real estate investment?

It’s the only way to think in real estate With the world changing rapidly, global currencies are often fluctuating due to positives and negatives in the international economy. This fluctuation

Real estate in Florida for investment purposes?

People think they need a lot of money to be an owner of a house in Florida. I can say that almost everybody think so. Actually it’s absolutly not like that.

The US housing market is exploding

On Friday morning, Census Bureau data showed that housing starts surged 9.8% to an annualized pace of 1.174 million, a level not seen since July 2007. Building permits, which indicate the


1. Sarasota’s Siesta Beach is the #1 Best Beach in America – 21st Annual Top 10 Beach List by Dr. Leatherman 2. Sarasota is America’s Best Retirement Location – TopRetirements.com (2012)

Advices about Real Estate Investing

If you’re new to real estate investing, there are a few common mistakes you should know about. Being aware of these pitfalls could save you a lot of time and

Where is the global real estate market moving?

Real estate business operates quite differently all over the world. America has already lived through the crisis; the real estate market and the economy are successfully intensifying, especially in Florida.